“Michele is amazing with the kids. She comes into our daycare and preschool classrooms with a wide variety of opportunities for children to play, sing and learn. We look forward to her visits. I highly recommend!”

– Lauren Sherman-Grogan, North Haven Child Development Center

"My Music Room at School”

My Music Room at school is an immersive, experiential music education program which supports primary music development in children ages 3–6 years, through rhythm instrument play, singing and movement. My Music Room at School classes follow the best-practices, whole-child, educational approach recommended for children through age 8.

My Music Room at School Supports and nurtures all areas of children’s development and learning, from language development to social-emotional and cognitive skills to literacy, math, and physical development. Learning is fostered through adult modeling in a play-based, musical community led by the early childhood music specialist, where children have opportunities to participate in music activities and routines with their peers and teachers.

My Music Room at School honors the humanity of each teacher and student and equitably prepares each student to reach their full potential by creating a healthy, safe and relaxed environment of belonging and connection where children and adults can engage and thrive.

Parents and teachers are supported through communications from the My Music Room at School, early childhood music specialist, with information about the songs and activities their children are experiencing at school, so families can access the music and continue the learning at home.

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