Elementary school program

Groove to Grow is an elementary school music assembly program where music meets emotions!

Kids experience interactive, multi-sensory, musical learning that supports the healthy development of the next generation of leaders and problem solvers.

K-2 and 3rd-5th grade kids explore important Social Emotional Learning (SEL) themes of empathy, inclusion, acceptance, self awareness, kindness, relationships and neurodiversity, through Interacting and engaging music.

Groove To Grow is designed to be both exciting and fun, with many opportunities for active participation and engagement. Michele leads both kids and adults on a fun and engaging musical journey of self expression. Kids will sing, clap, shake, and move together, creating a sense of unity and shared experience. Kids learn to recognize and appreciate the emotions of others as they practice active listening, turn-taking, and problem-solving. Groove To Grow is designed to help everyone feel inspired, uplifted, and empowered to make positive changes in their own lives and in the world around them.

“Our principal raved and raved about the experience for all of the teachers and students, and our ILS Special Ed teacher was completely amazed that all six of her students stayed for the entire assembly and were completely focused for the entire time.
They have never all been able to stay for an assembly ever.
Michele is amazing, and I will continue to rave about her to anyone and everyone!”

– Christina Montanari, PTA President, Ridge Road Elementary, North Haven, CT

“Michele Urban Music is simply amazing!

My elementary students love to sing, dance, and tap to the beat of her songs while learning valuable lessons about kindness, respect, and acceptance.  Michele’s infectious spirit and charisma captivated every one of my students today leaving them in awe when her engaging and interactive performance ended.  Her newest title, “There’s Something You Don’t Know About Me,” captured the feelings of so many children who struggle with something that makes them “unique,” and the students loved it!
Great memories were made today at ECCA.”

– Tammy Behrens, K-4 Music Teacher, Eagle County Charter Academy, Edwards, Colorado

Themes Highlighted:

Self awareness

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